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Thursday 3rd Sept, 2020

Its easy to forget that before "Lockdown" Ireland had an election. Taking inspiration from Donald Trump Irish politicians adopted the #change approach to gain attention and votes.

One of the many issues regarding #change is the hell faced by many people on a daily basis sitting in the biggest car park in Europe summed up beautifully by Sean Mathews The Commuter Song.

The Commuter Song from Mathews debut album Dreaming is Allowed tells the tale of a family man (o'Donnell) who regrets leaving the city for what was promised as a better life. Falling for the illusion of the "good times" o'Donnell is now faced with the reality of being away from family and friends. Tormented o'Donnell lives in another county while spending half his life sitting in traffic to pay off his "semi-D", Mathews asks

are the hours on the road worth the big Semi-D

A story that rings true for so many.

Sean Mathews - The Commuter Song

Mathews has been busy for the past number of months performing a number of online gigs. Not content to simply sit at a camera Mathews has taken his music to different locations. Performing at The Dale, Millmount Tower and Old Abbey creating a complementary atmosphere to his performance. Creative both as a songwriter and performer.

Recent posts on social media have seen Mathews with musician/producer Breifne Holohan hard at work once more on his follow up album to Dreaming is Allowed.

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Sean Mathews Dreaming is allowed

Dreaming Is Allowed