Friday 24th July, 2020

Why Still No Live Music?

Lets face it, everybody has their own views on the restrictions over the past few months but the fact is that lockdown did happen.

How has the lockdown impacted local musicians?

Its been a though number of months but at least since the 29th June musicans have been able to get back out and do what they do best. Right?

Not every pub has used live music in the past to generate business and just because musicans are struggling they should not be expected to take on the extra expense.

Now serving pizza and other snacks, venues can not be blamed for trying to get back to business. But these venues are already set up for live music. Social distancing included.

Its in the interest of a pub to get the customers from the front door to the till as quick and often as possible. Bands are positioned to take up as little space as possible. Many pubs even provide a stage.

Some people fear that having a singer singing at the top of their voice (blowing air) could be a danger. Every musician that has performed in a pub will tell you that no matter what size speaker you have it can not compete with the volume of an excited Hen Party.

Pubs have opened serving food and football in the past number of weeks. 30 years of waiting to win the premiership...not many Liverpool fans sat in silence as they tucked into their €9 pizza.

A number of pubs have successfully allowed live music to return since lockdown with no safety issues dispelling the myth that as soon as an Irish person hears the strum of a guitar they are compelled to jump to their feet and do a jig across the bar while kissing every man and women they pass.

Reports are positive and suggest customers were civilized, ate their meal, had their pint and simpley enjoyed the music.

Venues that have not yet reopened have plans in place for August. The amount of people allowed to attend will be limited and seated. More than likely it will be solo musicans that will return first with bands to follow.

As restrictions are being eased "NOW" why are the pubs who in the past provided live music still not allowing musics return? Musicians can already social distance. Has the stage now become a dining area?

But what about the musicans and what can be done to bring live music back to where it belongs. There is a lot of money involved in the gigging scene both for the musician and venue. With sales down are local musician willing to "cut" their price in order to perform?

Eventually music will come back and shine...but at what cost and when.