Sean Mathews - Holy Hole

January, 2021

Drogheda singer songwriter Sean Mathews latest song Holy Hole sums up the emotions of many across the nation.

The recent publication of the report into the Mother and Babies Homes in Ireland has once again brought up feelings of anger across the nation and further. Although the crimes committed against mothers and their children is well known the report goes into more dept revealing the horrors carried out, once again bringing hidden secrets to public attention.

Like many folk singers before him, Sean Mathews latest musical record Holy Hole preserves a dark period in the memory of many Irish people. The memories of what happened in Ireland resulting in the Church and State will never be forgotten but for future generations the cut may not feel so deep. A long history of disasters and crimes have been recorded and preserved in music. Music lasts forever and reminds us of times past.

Mathews lyrics are open, honest and sum up what most people are feeling as an outcome of the report. Mathews had originally been working on the track before lockdown with plans to record with other musicians. The anger and feelings resulting in the horrors prompted Mathews to recored Holy Hole on the evening of the released report alone and raw.

Sean Mathews - Holy Hole

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