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Calum Agnew Debut Single

Tuesday 15th September, 2020

Many songwriters spend their whole musical life aiming to find the right combination between lyrics and melody to result only in frustration.

Calum Agnew debut single Crazy ticks all the boxes required for a great song. From its beautiful soft intro Agnew controls the tempo and feel of the song building tension until an epic finish.

Duleek Singer Callum Agnew

What makes Crazy even more special is that Duleek's Calum Agnew is a 17 year old secondary school student who recorded this amazing track from his bedroom.

It would be a mistake to think of this artist as a young up and coming singer songwriter honing their craft. Perfectly structured, Agnew is a songwriter who knows how to write an amazing song. There is a lot going on musically with this track. Its not just lyrics thrown over a bunch of chords. Its clear a lot of thought went into creating a perfect backdrop for Agnews lyrics.

Calum Agnew - Crazy

Agnew is a ready made songwriter straight out of the box. A young artist to watch out for.

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Calum Agnew

Calum Angew

Crazy (Single)