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Music Heals The Mind

Thursday 17th September, 2020

Lockdowns, restrictions, redundancies and a government that moves the goalposts every few days is having a major impact on our mental health. Creating mental space to escape can help deal with some of the stress caused since March 2020. Ronan McQuillans latest release Mirrors has come out at just the right time.

Ronan McQuillan Mirrors

McQuillian wrote recently on his official website about his experience during lockdown. A remote recording session with bandmates The Enemies was released on Facebook and plans were put in place for a live set on social media. However plans were put aside with McQuillian stating - we just got fed up.

McQuillian found himself in a dark place. However after speaking with family, friends, fellow musicians and writers he found a new purpose.

During my studies in the early part of the year I had researched potential health benefits of music and various music therapies, specifically in the field of binaural beats, healing tones and frequencies that can alter or help with the human mental state associated with meditation and relaxation while helping to reduce anxiety, lower stress and promote optimism and creativity. As an exercise (and as an experiment) I set a goal to create a body of work that was uplifting and inspiring and to help promote positivity and personal well-being.

Ronan McQuillan - Mirrors

The Beat has been listening to Mirrors since it was released earlier this week and we are all in agreement that McQuillian has achieved his goal. This album truly creates calmness and awareness.

Read McQuillians open and honest account of how Covid-19 has affected his 20 years in music - Ronan McQuillan Official.

Ronan McQuillan Mirrors

Ronan McQuillan

Mirrors (Album)