Thursday 13th Aug, 2020

Sharing Is Caring

Its no secret that the music industry is on its knees. The days of having a one hit wonder and retiring on royalists are long gone. Artist around the world have relied on touring and the sale of merchandise to earn a living with many generating royalties from advertising.

With only a small amount of venues providing live music local musicans are being denied an opportunity to make a living once more. Selling music for advertising is not an option without the backing of a big record company.

Without live performances musicans are using social media to promote their music.

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Like, Follow and Share

Still at the beginning of the digital age the possibilities offered by the world wide web is endless. Social media has become a major part of our lives both personally and from a business point of view. People of all ages now have a social media account with either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Local musicians use social media as platform to perform and advertise their music. Facebook is by far the leader of the pack. Musicians constantly upload videos and links to their music. However not every follower sees every post.

Facebook decides whats seen

The magic word is algorithm. Facebook's algorithm decides who and how many followers see a particular post. For local musicans to promote their music the amount of views of a post is essential.

Its estimated that for every facebook post 10% of an accounts followers will see the post. Musicians post performances and links to their music. If a musician has 100 followers then 10 followers will see the post. However the amount of views can increase once some sort of interaction takes place. When content receives a Like, Follow and Share the amount of views of the post increases.

Sharing is caring

By sharing content an artist can reach an audience beyond their own followers. Social media is constantly changing throughout the day with a posts life span only lasting 6 hours. By sharing a post this can help to keep the purpose of the post alive. Posts that don't get liked or shared soon disappear.

Musicians are using their official websites along with online music providers such as bandcamp, spotify and itunes to sell their music. Obviously the best for the artist is to buy direct. But not all musicans have a website or a method of selling music online while cutting the middle man out.

With the middle man taking a small profit from an artists material its important that the most is made from social media to get word out. This is where sharing is essential to reach a wider audience. Sharing a musicans post containing a link to their music can provide the best possible chance of promotion.

The Future

Eventually live music will return....we hope. But for now the best chance a musician has of reaching an audience is by existing followers sharing their posts. The new normal is ever changing. Live music will return and musicans will continue to use online platforms as a method of reaching their audience.

When was the last time you shared a post by your favorite local artist?