Friday 31st July, 2020

Dead Preservations

Following their debut album Everything I Lost (2015) The Annulments latest release Dead Preservations is a masterclass in songwriting and creativity. Breaking the rules for acoustic based music each song takes a different direction covering a wide range of emotions and topics.

The Annulments The Annulments

Friends from UCD The Annulments formed around a kitchen table sharing old country and folk songs before taking a more focused approach with Drogheda singer songwriter Stephen Coyles original material providing a platform for each musician to showcase their own talents.

Dead Preservations is heavily influenced by American folk and acoustic based music with individual influences from each musician coming through. Great songwriting with soft melodies The Annulments secret ingredient is the result of having both Coyle and Claire Fitzgerald share lead vocals.

From the 11 tracks on Dead Preservations Coyle takes lead vocals on five tracks while Fitzgerald takes the remaining six. Both singers have different vocal styles and strong enough to carry the album alone. Instead changing from female to male has an amazing effect. With Coyle writing all the material Fitzgerald's ability to interpret Coyles lyrics while making them her own is truly amazing and a credit to Fitzgerald as a vocalist.

The Annulments - Into The Dark

Dead Preservations opens with The Reckoning with Fitzgerald delivering a beautiful lead vocal while Difficult Thing catchy melody follows with a deadpan vocal by Coyle. Brass brings life to The Calm Before with Pilot Light returning to an acoustic setting accompanied by Nick Cooper on violin. Fitzgerald's lead vocal on Into The Dark is the most creative track with tight harmonies and almost Beatlesque section - toy piano included.

Coyle and Fitzgerald share vocals on Another Voice before shifting up a gear with Animals with Shane Keeling's drum intro setting a groove while Peter Morans keyboard supports Coyles vocals.

The Annulments - Difficult Thing

Creative and well thought out Dead Preservations is well produced with attention to detail applied to every track. Each musician supports the next never taking center stage creating a tight unit. Coyles lyrics are strong throughout mixing themes of love, relationships and reflect on a rapidly changing world.

Crafted lyrics and a mixture of both traditional styles with a modern twist results in Dead Preservations being an amazing second album from Dublin based The Annulments.

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